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Why the German boxer?


Speaking poetically I can say that the German boxer has been laid in my cradle. I've lived with German boxers for 30 years now. There was never any other choice, neither did I want one.  

The character of the German boxer – that's the second me.

Brave, noble, naughty, jealous, loyal till the end and forth, inquisitive, superficial, lively, active, lazy, sociable – in moments when he desires company, angry when you least expect it, prepared to fight for the family, the ones he loves and for things he loves whereby chosing no means – that's the German boxer and that's me.



Contrary to Sabina, I had another choice. However, in those youthful years I fell for Sabina and consequently had to choose the German boxer. In the time when I was dating Sabina, I met Pinki, Nana, Neja, Nelly and Lakosta, all of them already being adult German boxers, at her parents' home. When I experienced my first encounter with a litter of brindled whelps in the courtyard in 1993, I stood there as frozen. Shockingly, they all went for my trouser legs and shoelaces. Soon, Sabina and I started living under one roof. It meant that I have accepted the German boxer. The German boxers helped me to overcome my fear of dogs which was imbedded in me since childhood. As days were passing I became more and more fond of boxers, today I cannot imagine a life without one.



Who are we?



I grew up in a family of five. Being the youngest I am spoiled, but at the same time by having two older brothers had to learn how to fight in life, fight when you really want something deep in your heart. Since grade five of primary school I in some way or another participated in dog exhibitions. If I went to an exhibition, I had to mind the dogs, as back then nobody has ever heard of portable boxes of any kind. If I stayed at home, again I had to mind dogs. This time the ones that stayed home. At the age of eighteen my mother's and my wish came true. I became a referee for the breed German boxer. Two years later I became an international referee, meanwhile I have also participated in a course for instructors of level one,  trained the brindled boxer Faa, which never took the exam. Another training followed, this time it was with the brindled boxer Nelly, which failed the ISP 1 exam in the first try, but passed it in the second. At nineteen, after being befriended with Mitja for two years, I started to think of him as my future boyfriend. I wanted to show and prove to him that  the world of cynology is beautiful. I wanted a child with him more than anything. My mother read between the lines and in 1996 gave a brindled bitch, Schiwa Filbetinska, the daughter of Nelly Filbetinska and Led des Segadors, the descendant of the legendary beauty Teck dell  Colle del’Infinito to me.



I grew up in a family of five as well. I have two younger sisters. We've never had any dogs at home, since my father didn't like them. Appart from a cat we didn't have any animals and even the cat lived more nextdoors, on a farm, than at home. She was not allowed to come into the house. Back then we didn't have computers, many television programmes or a lot of technology, therefore we spent most of our free time outdoors, on the streets, on the playground or on a farm. When we were playing we ran into a dog that was chained and was furiously jumping towards us, or we ran into a dog that came running onto the street as the fence was open. These circumstances had an impact on me. I started to fear dogs. When I met Sabina, I came into contact with the German boxer. By trusting Sabina, I consequently trusted the German boxer. Eventually my fear of dogs has vanished. Sabina and her parents showed the world of cynology to me. I started to learn of it and later also saw myself in it. At first I helped to mind the domestic dogs at exhibitions, later I had the opportunity to exhibit a dog in the ring. I've learned a lot from Sabina and my mother in law Jožica, and quite some time later I also learned by observing professional dog handlers. Beside participating in exhibitions Sabina took care of the training of our domestic dogs. With time the wish grew in me to learn more of how to train dogs. In 2000 I obtained the licence of a marker of the lower level and today I am training my own dog as well J



When did it begin?

The year 1996 and the brindled bitch Schiwa Filbetinska mark our beginning. By giving Schiwa as a present in exactly the right moment my mother Jožica has given encouragement to me and Mitja, who needed a new challenge. The challenge of exhibiting ones own dog. Until then Mitja helped exhibiting Filbetines and that was not the right thing. When holding something that is yours in your hands, the responsibility and the feeling is ... different.

We've travelled throuhg half of Europe with Schiwa, earning enviable success, Schiwa did not only win various annual and club champion titles, but also the title of the European Champion in Tuln, she won the title Best of Breed in Slovenia, the title of International Champion (back then with 5 CACIB titles from three different countries) and so her successful exhibting career was slowly coming to an end. In 1999 we have registred the kennel, Schiwa was three years old, and the search for the appropriate male began. Plato v. d. Hazenberg was chosen for our first litter. I don't need to introduce him, as he was one of the most desired males for breeding at that time in the world. So we embarked on the 1400 km long trip to the Netherlands in 1999. The result of that mating was our first litter which came at the end of November and was carrying the name of the kennel, SCHIWA'S IMPERIUM.


The first litter of Schiwa's Imperium (litter A).



How do we operate?

We have our own type of boxer that we like and it doesn't matter if that type is currently »fashionable«. Our vision is for the boxers of Schiwa's Imperium to be distinctively  recognizable in the crowd. So far the majority meets this criteria, however there are deviations as well. Logically. We are trying and will keep on trying in the future, to litter the bitches for further mating at home and therefore follow the line of Schiwa's Imperium. This is the only way of staying true to our work. One of the most significant factors is that the whelp has to catch your eye in the first days or hours after being littered. It's hard to explain, but the whelp has to have the certain something. Jožica is still of much help in this endevour, since many whelps have gone through her hands. Anyhow, the whelp has to show the basic characteristics of a boxer. It is hard to predict what will become of such a little bundle. Too many factors play a role in it, so at the age of nine weeks the breeder cannot claim that a whelp will grow into a dog that is suitable for exhibiting successfully. One of the most important aspects of successful breeding is that you participate in dog shows, not necessarily having an extraordinary champion bitch. By exhibiting the bitch from time to time, you make others aware of you, you meet new people in the world of boxers, you acquire a lot of information which can be of use in breeding. In fact, we learn lifelong, based on good or bad experience. Anyhow, in the world of the boxer you have to be seen and you have to be noticeable, but always with the measure of good taste. We must never forget that our breed is the working kind. The fact, that we never had a dog without the exam of a working dog (at least the basic one) in our house, neither in the kennel Schiwa's Imperium or the kennel Filbetinska, proves it.

According to our rules, the bitch gets her breeding permit at the age of 18 months. In our kennel we are never in a hurry to mate the bitches, but wait for them to mature and mate them when they are two years old or more. When deciding on a proper breeding male, we have to like him first and then we take a look at his  pedigree which is being compared to the pedigree of our bitch. After that we look for qualities by which we clear the deficiencies of our bitch. If following the blood line the male is of interest to us, we check his health and the health of his ancestors (diagnosis of the hips, heart and spondylosis), then we search for the statistical data of his descendants in order to check whether he passes on any hereditary defects. In this way we work out a pedigree of the possible offspring and analyze all the data that has been acquired. At the end we make a calculation of costs that arise by mating (Na vse to še pride kalkulacija stroškov, kateri nastanejo pri paritvi (the jump, travel expenses, accomodation expenses). The described procedure cannot always be followed, as it happened before that we have mated our bitch with a male which hasn't undertaken any matings before or had very few of them.

In the time of pregnancy, we take care of the future mother, but not much differently than usually. The exception is that the walks are limited and wild running, as well as running with other dogs is forbidden. Towards the end of the pregnancy we spoil her with treats and food that is suitable for pregnant bitches. A few days before littering we prepare the space where the littering will take place. The littering itself takes places under the watchful eyes of Jožica and Sabina, who are the only people who take care of the whelps for the first three to five days after the littering. After that the rest of the family members are allowed to meet the little bundles.   



What is our vision?

Our vision and wish is to raise physically and psychically healthy boxers, boxers of the type Schiwa's Imperium. Until recently our line was typically brindled, however in the last two litters we got some yellow males and one yellow bitch as well.  


The first yellow boxer representatives of Schiwa's Imperium – Hoss and Horacij.


To whom and how do we sell the boxers?

It is important that the whelp goes into good hands and an appropriate environment. In addition, to enjoy life to the fullest with the new owner, for the new owner to treat him nice and to care for him. One of the indicators that the potential buyer (candidate for the buyer) is suitable for the boxer is the first communicative bond between us and the candidate for the buyer. Also important is the contact between the candidate and the whelp. Sometimes the potential buyers are turned down after the initial phone call, as we feel that they are not suitable for the boxer. It is easier to judge, if the candidate visits in person, takes a look at the litter and the other adult boxers in the kennel. Before meeting the whelps they get to meet all our dogs, only then the whelps are being shown to them. When they meet the boxers, we observe the first contact of the buyer with the whelps and that with an adult dog. In this manner we acquire one of the positive impressions which the candidate fot the buyer needs to make. In the conversation about the breed itself, the education, nutrition, health, the purpose of the boxer, etc.  the candidate for the buyer creates additional impressions. If they are positive, he or she becomes the future owner of the German boxer.   

Up till now, we never took any advanced payments for a reservation of a whelp. A reservation and the order were always a part of the oral agreement. This rule may not be the best one, as a few times it has happened that we had to turn down potential buyers that were suitable on account of an existing reservation and sent them to other breeders. Later the reservations were cancelled. We never reeinforce a certain whelp to a certain buyer. In addition, we never give promises to the buyer that the chosen whelp is a future champion, our buyers are not obligated to buy a whelp by contract, the buyer is not forced to take a working exam with the dog, to participate in dog exhibitions, to breed the dogs, ... You buy the dog for yourself, everyone has obligations of ones own – at work or at home, own hobbies or beliefs. If the buyer decides of his own will to undertake something with the dog, we are very, very glad and offer our help and support, only to the degree the buyer wants it. We never, never, never impose ourselves upon anybody. All people who like the German boxer and anyone who chooses a whelp and comes to visit it until it can leave the litter, is welcome in our home.


 The first bitch of the kennel Schiwa's Imperium that has won the title of Atibox Champion.


Mating - 20.9.1999 / litter A


On 23.11.1999 4 brindled whelps, 3 males and 1 bitch, were littered.


Mating - 24.12.2000 / litter B

SCHIWA FILBETINSKA – ben v. d. morrequelle

On 27.02.2001 2 male whelps, 1 brindled and 1 albino, were littered.


Mating – 12. and 14.02.2001 / litter C


on 17.04.2002 11 whelps were littered, 7 of them stayed - 5 brindled males and 2 brindled bitches.


Mating – 22.10.2002 / litter D


On 24.12.2002  5 brindled whelps were littered, 4 males and 1 bitch.


Mating -  25.06.2003 / litter E


On 01.09.2003 2 brindled males were littered.


Mating – 26.04.2004 / litter F


On 29.06.2004 4 whelps were littered, 3 of them stayed - 1 brindled male, 1 brindled bitch and 1 albino bitch.


Mating – 25.10.2006 / litter G


On 27.12.2006 5 brindled whelps were littered, 2 males and 3 bitches.


Mating – 14.01.2008 / litter H


On 17.03.2008 6 whelps were littered ( 3 brindled, 2 yellow, 1 albino ), 5 of them stayed - 3 males (2 yellow) and 2 brindled bitches.


Mating – 09.03.2009 / litter I


On 10.05.2009 6 whelps were littered (3 brindled, 3 yellow), 5 of them stayed - 2 males (1 brindled, 1 yellow) and 3 bitches (2 brindled, 1 yellow).


In nine litters 45 whelps wer littered, 38 of them stayed - 24 males (20 brindled, 3 yellow and 1 albino) and 14 bitches (12 brindled, 1 yellow and 1 albino).


Litter C           – 2 albino bitches - EX, 2 albino males – EX.

Litter F           – 1 brindled male without a testicle, brindled male – EX.

Litter H           – 1 brindled bitch (1 eyelid without pigmentation), 1 albino male - EX .

Litter I            – 1 yellow bitch – EX, 1 brindled male (1 eyelid without pigmentation) ,

                        1 brindled bitch (1 eyelid without pigmentation).


Sabina and Mitja HERIC