Now we are at home, too.

Our whelps left home and Faa really desereved a vacation.We had a great time and weather. We had 16 days with no rain, this was like a compensation for all those rainy days in Maribor before and after the holidays.

Let me start with our three »girls«, they were wonderful. They really enjoyed themselves, and so did Mitja and I as we were watching them.

Glorija and Faa love to drive with the boat. Lara keeps on screaming: »Daddy, let's go faster, faster, faster!«. Mitja, our captain, is just smiling satisfied. Where am I? I am in the middle and can't wait to get to our little bay on Kamenjak. If you don't see it yourself, you almost can't believe how dogs love water.

They keep on swimming, swimming, swimming, …

Faa with her head slightly above water surface, Glorija like a flyboat.

Before the holidays we bought dog watertoys, each got her own. It didn't work out as planned, as they both swam after one toy ... the other had to be rescued by us, or the waves would have carried it away. J Even when we threw two cones into the water, they both swam to one, even when we threw a stick … It is pretty obvious that Gloria is still a teenager, she always grabbed the stick in such a way that Faa could not reach it. Look at the spoiled girl that does not want to share things.

There were no problems at the campsite. This was the view of the passers-by and admirers from the street before our trailer.

We also had visitiors – Hanna Montana, together with Gregor and Anja.

I was so proud to see her having fun in the water, to see how Grega and Anja raised her, how people turned around to take a look at our dogs, ...

They were great company and I'd like to thank them.

Our Lara had a task on our holidays, she had to make the dogs' beds. One day she figured that Gloria … I don't know, it started all whe she said that Gloria is a Sun priness, later she added diving goggles and in the end she looked more like ... a diver. J

The transformation from a Champion and Atibox-Winner, from a beauty, to a diver ended with a game and laughter.

If someone thinks that boxers are little piggies and drool after eating, then he should take a look at a child who wants to eat like a dog. Well, at least she could be talked into trying Nesquick-balls with water. J

She went for a walk once a day with both of them.

Whenever passers-by came near her and had a dog, she would make the dogs sit and tell the passers-by to not let their dogs go, becuase her dogs can get angry. The people would put their dogs on a leash and continued walking. Mitja and I would burst into laughter every time.

One thing is true, she is becoming an animal lover, however, she is still a bit too patronising. But time will make her see that patience, a nice word, honesty, … is always the right way.

Maybe she will not have boxers, at the moment she dreams about another breed.

At the end I am sending you a sunny greeting, till the next holiday.

Even on holidays there have to be horses. If there are no on the towel, there at least has to be a donkey, which she had to fondle.

THANK YOU »granny Jožica« that u looked after our and a bit also your little yellow sweetheart, which had to stay at home.

Jeez, he got so big in those 16 days. Next year we will teach In Vivo Schiwa's Imperium as well how to swim.

August,2009                                                                                                 Sabina

Nobody dared to enter our lot, if he wasn't welcome or invited.We had a Cocktail-Weekend (yummy) and tasty grilled food. Only good that we all like grilled food and two can eat grilled food three days in a row, breakfast and dinner.We had it all, great company, yummy drinks, delicious food, …Conclusion – we know how to enjoy ourselves.

This year we had no problems with divers, since both know the command »pass« and didn't jump on us and scratch us in water anymore. When they swim in your direction, you simply stretch your hand and say »pass« and they both swim away.

Holidays are great! You have time for your loved ones. There is no pressure of time, time is standing still and we are all together. During the year there is only little time to do so.So  I gathered all my loved ones around me at one place.

They are fantastic, aren't they!